Neighbors Dub Brazilian Billionaire Condo Proposal ‘Godzilla’

Neighbors Dub Brazilian Billionaire Condo Proposal ‘Godzilla’

Brazilian Billionaire Jose Isaac Peres’ plan to build a Miami Beach condo tower is meeting resistance from neighbors, according to Miami New Times.

City staff say the the proposal will worsen the condo canyon effect. Instead of the slim Marlborough House currently on the site (proposed to be demolished), a much wider building will be oriented north-south along Collins Avenue, blocking view corridors.

City staff are also demanding a public beach access path be built from Collins Avenue as part of the project. The nearest public access point is four blocks away, and a new one would benefit residents of 715 nearby apartments, they say.

In a statement, project attorney Michael Larkin disputes staff analysis and claims that the new proposal maximizes view corridors for area residents. Larkin also says that traffic will be reduced with 89 units in the new building compared to 107 in the old building. A new beach access point isn’t needed, Larkin also wrote.

Arquitectonica is the project architect.