Hotel Room: Things that Matter Most to Your Guests

Hotel Room: Things that Matter Most to Your Guests

A hotel of today is much more than just a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in. Travellers around the world want to feel pampered in hotels that feature high-quality room amenities. They want luxury, and are ready to pay for it.

Actually, judging by PwC's Consumer Intelligence Series Report on hotel brand loyalty, room quality is the number one reason for choosing a hotel, for both business and leisure travellers. This doesn't necessarily mean a Jacuzzi or a saltwater aquarium in the room, but the basics that you provide should look and feel luxurious. Rest assured that guests notice those things, both in your online presentation and when they arrive. This list covers some of the basic room amenities that appeal to most guests and the ways you can upgrade them.

Soft, oversized towels
Average hotels provide one or two small, not-so-soft towels per guest. Using a towel that doesn't cover you is both inconvenient and awkward, especially if you share a room with someone other than your partner. Large, soft towels, on the other hand, feel luxurious. You can even encourage your guests to use the same towel more than once, but make sure they have a set of oversized fluffy towels when they check in; they will be more likely to hang them up and reuse them this way. Also, provide a set of multiple towels of different sizes.

Full-sized quality toiletries
Squeezing and tapping a tiny bottle for a few drops of no-name products is nobody's idea of a luxurious hotel experience. Not to mention the soap that makes your skin dry or the shampoo that makes your hair dull. Unfortunately, that's what most of the average hotels provide – a few small bottles of low-cost toiletries. Offer your guests a high-quality pH-balanced soap, shampoo and conditioner that'll make them feel clean, fresh and look better than good. The confidence and joy of an invigorating shower should last long after they step out and leave for sightseeing or an important meeting.

Breathable linens and plush pillows
After a 12-hour flight or an excruciating series of meetings and business events, a traveller seeks nothing more than a good night's sleep. Sub-par hotels often resort to universal polyester sheets of questionable softness and patterns that are rarely updated. Instead, offer your guests soft, breathable white or pastel sheets and rich pillows. Natural fibres and earthly tones allure the luxury and comfort of your beds even on your online profile images.

Complimentary refreshments
It's no secret that mini-bar fees are the priciest item on a room bill. While cheap plastic bottles of overpriced water, run-of-the-mill samples of snacks and pocket-sized liquor can make guests feel like they're being tricked, complimentary refreshments, on the other hand, make them feel cared for. After a long flight or a local nightlife binge, a bottle of water is just as welcoming as a jolt of caffeine first thing in the morning. Simple conveniences you can offer free of charge like water in actual glass bottles, samples of coffee and tea are an inexpensive way of showing your guests you care for them.

And then some more
When it all wraps up, hospitality is all about making your guests feel welcome and special. And what better way to achieve this than by treating each guest to something more than they paid for. Make every guest feel unique and they will keep returning, or at least give a stellar recommendation. For average hotels that little extra boils down to nothing, in most cases. Guests, on the other hand, want to feel special. A welcome cocktail, a plate of homemade biscuits or complimentary flowers is all it takes. Sometimes even a luxury item in the room, as a beautiful lavish rug can do the trick. 

Many hotels today are competing with each other by trying to cut back on what they see as unnecessary expenses. However, those that still go an extra mile to invest in simple luxuries for their guests will stand out. If you dare to be different and deliver a high standard of quality on the essential room amenities that matter most to the guests, you will definitely be noticed by travellers and reviewers alike.