The North Africa Hotel Pipeline is Thriving, Especially in Morocco

The North Africa Hotel Pipeline is Thriving, Especially in Morocco

Africa has long been a continent of dualities for hotel owners and operators. The region offers unmatched natural splendor, as impressive as any locale on the planet. In this regard, it may be somewhat of a sleeping giant in the hospitality industry. However, at the same time Africa is a continent that operators often find lacking in infrastructure, qualified staff, and, perhaps most dauntingly, stability.

Those who have invested in partnerships in recent decades, however, have been able to reap some rewards in recent years as, in spite of Africa’s struggles, tourism begins to pick up a bit on the continent. One area where the hotel construction pipeline is becoming healthier is North Africa, specifically in the long-time tourism destination that is Morocco.

In fact, according to information from the TOPHOTELPROJECTS database, there are currently 47 projects in the hotel pipeline in the coastal country of Morocco, perhaps most famous for being home to ancient cities such as Casablanca and Marrakesh, both of which have roots that date back to empires in medieval times.

In addition to this history, Morocco also features a French colonial legacy that gives it a fascinating mix of architecture, one that blends Moorish styles with European art deco. The coast is also part of the reason that Morocco has been a famous landing spot for tourists over the years, with Casablanca featuring buildings that extend out over the water.

The largest project currently in Morocco’s hotel construction pipeline is the Marina Resort Chbika, which when completed in the second quarter of 2020 will feature 2,500 new rooms for guests. Chbika, originally known as Chbika Sahara Atlantique, has been master-planned to include three or more hotels, 1,851 apartments and villas, a town center, a marina with berths for 100 boats, a sports center, a spa, a medical center, and what’s been described as a tournament-worthy golf course. Without question, the resort will be the biggest thing to ever hit the village of Chbika, which is located along the Atlantic coast in a remote part of southwestern Morocco, near the town of Tan-Tan.

Another project of note from Morocco’s construction pipeline is the JW Marriott New Marina Casablanca, which is due to open in the first quarter of 2020, featuring 307 rooms for guests. Like many of the attractions in Casablanca, the hotel will be adjacent to the water as part of the Casablanca Marina. It’s outer façade is also quite modern and stunning, featuring a design that gives the illusion of twisting, creating a building that looks more at home in a place like Dubai than it does in Casablanca.